A Student's Resume一个学生的简历(二)


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   I was born in 1972 in an intellectual family.Both my father and mother are teachers who gave me a sound breeding and education.At the age of three I was sent to a kindergarten.At the age of seven I entered a primary school where my formal education began.

   After graduation,I began to attend a middle school.During six years,I studied hard and often ranked first in all subjects.Thus I laid a solid foundation for my later study.I took a special interest in mathematics.As one teacher said,I had talent for that subject.I won a prize in a math competition.

    In 1990,I was admitted into Central China Normal University after passing the strict entrance examination.I studied in Mathematics Department and devoted my time to my favorite major.I worked diligently and achieved and excellent academic record.For this I was praised by authorities and professors.

    Now I am striving not only for good grades in the courses of the last year,but for proficiency in English.I have decided to enter myself for the postgraduate entrance examination in attempt to gain a higher degree.

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