I love My Hometown我爱我的家乡(三)


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By Zhang Yanxia from Shicun Junior High School          

            Everyone has his own hometown, so do I. Do you want to know my hometown? Let me tell you something about it.        

   I was born in Shicun Town. It lies in the north of Guangrao. It’s about 10 kilometers from Guangrao county. Although there are not high mountains or long rivers, there are friendly and hard-working people like my parents, there are my good friends that have played and studied with me since we were young children. So I still think it is the most beautiful and I love it very much.

   Many years ago, people lived in low and small houses, they wore shabby clothes and ate simple food. They didn’t have computers or TV sets. I can’t imagine what they did for fun. They didn’t have cars, buses, motorbikes, even bikes. When they went out, they could only be on foot. In a word, their life was poor and simple. But now, great changes have taken place in my hometown. Thanks to the good policy of the Party, people are getting richer and richer. They build wide and bright houses, they wear new and modern clothes. They can not only get enough food, but also delicious and healthy food. Now they have different kinds of digital tools for fun, such as mobile phones, TV sets and computers. They can use them to relax themselves after work. When they want to go to some places, they can go there by bike, bus, car, even train and plane. They can travel around our country to see beautiful scenery in any way. I am proud to say that my hometown is getting better and better!

    Many years ago, there were few factories. The sky was blue, the river was clear and clean, and there were some different kinds of fishes, there were many green trees and beautiful flowers on both sides of the road. But with the development of the industry, the environment around us is getting worse and worse. Many trees are cut down to build more factories. The sky is not so blue as before, water in the rivers is getting dirtier and dirtier, fishes are fewer than before. Some factories even make the air terrible. It is bad for our health. I am sorry to say that the pollution in my hometown is getting bad. But luckily people have already realized that it is important to protect our environment. Many things have been done for that.

   As a member of my hometown, it is our duty to build and protect our hometown, we should act quickly. We should call on people not to pour the dirty water into the river or make the air terrible. Everyone should care for our living environment. We should plant more trees and flowers to make our hometown more and more beautiful. As a student, I must study very hard to get more knowledge. When I grow up, I will try my best to build my hometown. I am sure my hometown will be better and better! Do you think so?

      My speech is over. Thank you!

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