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今天大学生英语作文范文大全要给大家带来的英语范文是:Our college我们学院,希望对大家写作英语作文有帮助。

      our college,TIanjin Transportation Engineering College,is situated on the east edge of the city of Tianjin.It is not far away from the beautiful Haihe River.

      The name of the school is inscribed on the horizontal bar of the gate.On the campus,green trees shadow the roads and paths,and flower beds with lovely flowers can be seen here and there. the main classroom building is a four-storey build-ing.Our classroom is on the third floor.

      There are about six thousand students in our college.All of us are diligent and well-disciplined.Our teachers are very strict. They are all dedicated scholars contributing their time and energy to our education.

      Our college physical and chemical laboratories are well equipped with scientific apparatus.Iespecially like to go go the library where I can find all kinds of books I need.

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